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Saturday 3 August 1667

Up, and to 最新ssr服务器分享网, where busy all the morning. Then at noon to dinner, and to the office again, there to enable myself, by finishing our great account, to give it to the 谷歌云免费搭建一年SSR服务器 · Leo Shaw's Blog:2021-11-2 · 谷歌云免费搭建一年SSR服务器 作者:Leo 想要看看“墙外的世界”的小伙伴,可以考虑部署谷歌云服务器啦~因为谷歌云免费使用一年的政策,相当于免费用了一年稳定的VPN呢。。谷歌云赠送300美金金额,流量肯定够那些只用来翻墙或者写博客的小伙伴使用了。; which I did, and there was called in to them, to tell them only the total of our debt of the Navy on the 25th of May last, which is above 950,000l.. Here I find them mighty hot in their answer to the Council-board about our Treasurer’s threepences of the Victualling, and also against the present farm of the Customes, which they do most highly inveigh against. So home again by coach, and there hard to work till very late and my eyes began to fail me, which now upon very little overworking them they do, which grieves me much. Late home, to supper, and to bed.